Top 10 Small Bedroom Ideas for 2019

Small Bedroom Ideas: Are you living in an urban area? Then you might be aware of space problems, the city’s lacking enough size for a homestay. In this situation, you sometimes feel suffocated and unorganized. Just because your apartment is small doesn’t mean that you need to cut down your style and comfort.

Small Bedrooms Interior makes a large difference. There are enormous ideas to change the scenario of your small spaces making it look bigger. A recent study shows that nowadays bedrooms are compact and downsized.

If done in the right way even a smaller space can be transformed into a luxurious bedroom. For those textures, colors, size etc these entire things do a major impact.

Let’s take a tour these how small bedroom ideas can beautify and add charm to your place.

Select Right Bed Size

Know the right square of your bedroom. The size of the bed plays an important role in the small room. If your bed is bigger in size space will look congested and limited. To make your bedroom look lavish you do not need a master bed but a sleek queen size bed will look apt for a 10*10 size room. If the room is for children more than one go for a bunk bed.  It has a lot of space and drawers creating space for each kid.


Smart design room looks damn cute. There are many budgeted interior ideas that you can choose from Google gallery, it will not dig in your pocket. Once you have examined the room well choose color and designs that you want to achieve. Color is important as it reflects your persona and affects your mood.

The light color makes a small room looks bigger and vice versa. While there are many contradictions for the same as experts believe if dark colors are used smartly they do a decent job.


Having less space brought more challenges in which creating a storage space is crucial.  Make a checklist for given points:

  • Choose a bed with a box for inner storage.
  • Mount Television on the wall in spite of a cabinet.
  • Built in shelves and cabinets are a good pick.
  • Use vertical space in cabinets for maximum usage

Throw Pillow

Throw pillow adds vibrancy and texture to your room. They are a good way to accessorize your little room into a cozy place. A pop of color will help you add a dash of your personality.

Light Fixtures

Lightings are a favorite part of designers. Light makes spaces interesting. Table lamps and chandelier are budget-friendly and should be included in your bedroom for amplifying ambiance.

Wall Ceiling

High ceiling is a blessing; it creates an illusion of a bigger room. It is your choice whether you paint it with a neutral color or pick a border for a focal point.


Design of furniture is something that can be a savior for your room. It needs a lot of calculation to pick one. Like:

  • Choose multipurpose furniture like wall mounted wardrobe
  • Select tables with maximum storage
  • Floating shelves reduces space consumption and looks organized
  • Ladder-like table, foldable table etc works well
  • A nightstand with space of book, glass or a drink is apt to serve the principle.

Keeping furniture’s and accessories to a minimum is the key to add plenty of space to the room. Multipurpose furniture, less stuffing’s is what you need to emphasize.


Windows should be close to the ceiling it gives and delusion for a bigger room. When paired with natural light it looks fabulous.


Mirrors are great to create an illusion of a big room. Right kind of mirror at right place especially where light is reflected adds space. For example: add a body length mirror and positioned it against the wall. Just see the difference it creates.

Add Wallpaper

Adding bold wallpaper is a good idea. If your room is small that doesn’t mean you need to be boring. Different bold wallpaper patterns are available in the market these days. If you are a rent payer use removable wallpaper.


Few changes can make your small bedroom look sumptuous and delightful.  We have sorted some ideas for you to help you. We would love to know how these thoughts helped you in creating your current space.

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